What does a new egg have to do with computer hardware and software? Well, nothing. But Newegg.com has everything to do with computer hardware and software.

The computer guy has been in business for 19 years, and every year we have tons of people bringing

in their computer to blow the dust bunnies out and to clean up the software so it will run faster for the new season. So in order to make it easier for you and so you'll recommend a friend, we'll get rid of the dust bunnies, speed up the software, keep your computer from overheating and do all that for just $39.00.


Tired of waiting for your computer to load webpages or programs? Ever want to be able to run more than one program at a time? Well that's no problem! With our new and improved performance desktop computers, you can get real performance!  Here at The Computer Guy, we personally put care and attention into building your new machine. Here are some product specs!

Our customers are the foundation of our business and the direct result of our success for more than 20 years. Because our customers are so great, we would like to offer any customer who mentions this post a 5% discount off your next service. Consider it a gift from The Computer Guy to the best customer ever--you!