Computer Repair

Hardware Install

If you have a computer with a broken part, bring it to The Computer Guy. We'll repair or replace the broken hardware for you. We install gaming controllers, graphic cards, hard drives, keyboards, laptop hinges, microphones, laptop power jacks, laptop LCD screens, power supplies, speakers, touch pads, USB ports, web cams, wireless adapters, etc. When we're done, you'll have a computer that works great again!

How We Can Help

Bring your computer to us for proper setup. Call (775) 829-2341 for service times.

$89.00 hr.

Schedule an appointment and we'll come to you. Call (775) 829-2341 today.

$109.00 hr.

Unknown issues require a non-refundable $49.00 diagnostic fee paid up-front, which is credited toward the first hour of labor. Rush Labor is available at double (2x) the standard rate. Labor for Apple/Mac products, add $20.00 to the standard rate.