The cloud is more commonplace than most people perceive. Even though an individual might not clearly understand how it works, anyone connected to the internet uses the cloud every day.

If you haven't heard, Microsoft is sending Internet Explorer to the scrapheap. The maligned browser has been a thorn in the side of consumers for years. With each release the browsers kept getting worse. Nonetheless, Internet Explorer was a staple of the internet for nearly two decades.

Hey guys... Recently we got a call from Marge over at Nevada State Bank.  She called my cell and told me there was a customer in her office who had been scammed by some guy on the phone.  This miscreant called her at home claiming to be from AVG Antivirus and that they had over charged her and wanted to refund money into her account. 

When it comes to computer security, we've seen what the bad guys can do. We've seen simple viruses to fake-ware to ransom-ware on all types of computers. Because we face these issues on a daily basis, we're often asked, "what's the best way to prevent computer viruses?" The simple answer is there isn't a best way. You just have to use good judgement. If you don't trust your own judgement, invest in VIPRE Antivirus.

For years Viruses have been invading the technology world, spamming and filling your computer with advertisements, fake programs, bloatware, and more unwanted junk. The term "Virus", can sometimes be a wide range of things.