Managed Antivirus


Enterprise level security

With its adaptive, layered architecture, our managed antivirus offers the best protection against sophisticated threats without compromising on performance, for only $49.99/year/device.

We use machine learning technologies combined with the ability to monitor behavior and detect attack techniques to prevent, detect and block threats that both traditional endpoint and so-called “next-gen AV” defenses miss.

Our managed AV automatically takes actions to keep you running normally, including rolling back malicious changes.

Key Features 

Block Ransomware

Our managed AV’s security defeats advanced
and sophisticated threats by using an adaptive layered approach, including ransomware.

Automatic Remediation

Our antivirus automatically takes actions to keep businesses running normally by detecting zero-day malware and file-less attacks that hijack known, running processes.


Advanced Threat Protection

Machine learning technologies combined with the ability to monitor behavior and detect attack techniques let our managed antivirus detect, prevent and block threats.


Real-time Monitoring

Operating on a zero-trust assumption, our protection continuously monitors all active processes and can stop malicious activity mid-stream and roll back changes.

Exploit Prevention

Security is essential to a successfully IT Infrastructure. NextGi provides provides all Managed IT Services with a Security First approach.

Hybrid Environments

Bitdefender is designed from the ground up as a unified security management platform to protect physical, virtualized, cloud and mobile environments.


Level 1


Our managed antivirus is rooted with Bitdefender. The core of our security has consistently been ranked the #1 security software by independent reviewers such as AV Test and AV Comparatives and it does not compromise protection for performance. With a robust platform, we are able to serve residential clients and business all across Northern Nevada with an easily deployable solution, that can even be installed remotely. 

Level 2


The Computer Guy is now backed by NextGI, a managed IT & cybersecurity enterprise solution. At Level 2, they are the interface between our protection with Bitdefender and our interactions as The Computer Guy. With NextGi we are able to offer a Managed Antivirus, with the benefits of enterprise software, such with HIPAA compliance. These services extend from residential & consumer grade products all the way to a business & enterprise level.

Level 3

The Computer Guy

At Level 3, you can expect the same services and support that you have been receiving for the past 23 years, but with extra security thanks to NextGi and Bitdefender. Our main service is still computer repair, but with the advanced nature of cybersecurity attacks, we chose to make security our top priority. With solutions for residential clients at $49.99/year/device, including our remote support application, you can expect local, fast, and secure service from The Computer Guy.

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