Software Installation

We offer program installation and configuration for programs like Quickbooks, Microsoft Office, and Adobe Suite.


Get Setup Properly

Make sure your computer is ready for you from the get-go. The Computer Guy will make sure your computer system is up-to-date, user accounts are setup properly and your favorite software, like Microsoft® Office, Adobe® Photoshop or Quickbooks™, is installed and running correctly. There’s nothing better than turning on a computer that actually works. Let us help you get your computer setup properly. Our programs listed to the right are just some of our installation practices. If you are unsure about your program or software, just call us at 775-829-2341

We perform most repairs, upgrades, and installs here at the shop. However, we can perform installation of whatever program you require at your location. Whether you have a residential home or a business office, we have technicians ready for you.

Microsoft Office

Adobe Premiere


Adobe Acrobat


Adobe Acrobat


Details & Pricing

We charge $150/hr for software installation. This service falls into our, “Standard Labor” charge. The length of this service depends greatly on the amount and type of software being installed. Most installations range between 0.5 hr and .75 hr for service. To receive an accurate estimate please submit a Quote Request or call the shop at 775-829-2341.