Remote Support

We can securely connect to your machine remotely and solve most issues.

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Remote support allows a Computer Guy technician to connect to your computer remotely to assist with troubleshooting. You remain in full control of your computer at all times. You always have overriding control of your mouse and keyboard, and you can end the screen-sharing session at any time.

Before calling, its important to know what program you use to browse the internet. This is called a web browser. Which web browser do you have?


Secure Connection

Virus Investigation

Printer Issues

Software Support

Easy Troubleshooting


Details & Pricing

We charge $150/hr for remote support, with most cases taking around 30 minutes. We use HIPPA compliant procedures and programs to complete this service. To receive an accurate estimate please submit a Quote Request or call the shop at 775-829-2341.


Remote Support

Remote support is great for most quick issues.

Remote support is perfect if you want easy and convenient service, don’t want to unplug your computer, or have limited time.

It is not ideal if you have hardware issues, can’t access the internet, or have an extensive service that could take several hours.



In-shop service is great for most services.

In-shop service is perfect if you have hardware problems, require troubleshooting, or want a cheaper alternative to onsite labor. 

It is not ideal if you have a simple fix or don’t want to unplug your machine and bring it to another location.



Onsite service is great for adding new devices.

If you are adding additional devices to your network, such as printers or routers, then onsite services are what you need.

It is not ideal if you have an issue that requires lengthy troubleshooting, or if you have a simple and quick fix.