Mac Repair

We service all Macbook, iMac, and Mac mini machines older than 2018.


Our Primary Service

Our primary service of computer repair extends into Apple products as well. We service all Macbook, iMac, and Mac mini machines older than 2018. We work on all issues, including hardware, software, and can even evaluate a system to find security flaws or recommend upgrades. We can fix all of the issues listed on the right, and many more!

The Computer Guy performs most repairs in-shop, and this is recommended for any job which requires scans, or installs. We also can perform repairs on site at your home or office.

The Computer Guy specializes in quick, and accurate diagnostics. Bring your computer in for an upfront fee of $90 to have your issue diagnosed. If you get your computer repaired at The Computer Guy, We’ll credit that fee to the cost of repair, no matter what.

Not Turning On

Slow Machine

Broken Screen

Error Codes

Computer Freezing

Dead Hard Drive


Details & Pricing

Important Note: Macbook Pro and iMac products manufactured in 2018 and later come equipped with a “security-focused T2 chip.” Unfortunately, this means we cannot service hardware for these models without running the risk of disabling or “bricking” the machine. We can still perform software installs and repairs, but hardware replacements or upgrades are off-limits. 

We charge $180/hr for Mac Repair. The length of this service depends greatly on the type of repair required. Most repairs range between 0.5 hr and 1.5 hr for service. To receive an accurate estimate please submit a Quote Request or call the shop at 775-829-2341.