Repair & Upgrade

Checking in your computer at The Computer Guy is a breeze.
These are our repairs we offer once your machine is checked in!

upgrade to windows 10

Laptop & Desktop Repair

Get your computer hardware repaired or upgraded.

Virus Protection & Removal

Remove viruses and protect against future online threats. 

Mac Repair

We repair and upgrade all Macbook Pro, iMac, or Macbook Air models before 2018. 

Data Recovery & Backup Solutions

Backup your files to prevent against ransomware and hardware failure.

Software Installation

Make sure your computer and favorite software are set-up properly from the get-go.

Remote Support

Let us fix your problem remotely. Our remote support program is HIPPA compliant.


Remote Support

Remote support is great for most quick issues.

Remote support is perfect if you want easy and convenient service, don’t want to unplug your computer, or have limited time.

It is not ideal if you have hardware issues, can’t access the internet, or have an extensive service that could take several hours.



In-shop service is great for most services.

In-shop service is perfect if you have hardware problems, require troubleshooting, or want a cheaper alternative to onsite labor. 

It is not ideal if you have a simple fix or don’t want to unplug your machine and bring it to another location.



Onsite service is great for adding new devices.

If you are adding additional devices to your network, such as printers or routers, then onsite services are what you need.

It is not ideal if you have an issue that requires lengthy troubleshooting, or if you have a simple and quick fix.