Virus Protection & Removal

Whether you need Malware, Viruses, or Malicious programs removed from your pc or mac, The Computer Guy is ready get you protected.


Get Setup Properly

Malware, commonly referred to as viruses or worms, is a type of software put on your computer with intent to cause harm to your computer or access private information. Malware is a very broad term and refers to many forms of malicious software. Malware can cause your computer to slow down, deliver unwanted advertisements, steal banking information or even lock you out of your computer. If you think there is malware on your device, we suggest bringing your machine in right away. The longer your computer runs with malware present, the more chance of permanent damage there is.

To prevent these things from happening in the future, it is essential that you install a reputable antivirus. We offer several options for our in-house managed antivirus program, in collaboration with Bitdefender. Call us to discuss our options at 775-829-2341.








Details & Pricing

We charge $125.99/hr for a “Virus and Malware Scan and Removal” This service entails a full cleanup on your machine, including removal of all infections. As well, we update, upgrade, and secure the system after removing any malicious programs and files. The length of this service depends on the type of infection on the machine. To receive an accurate estimate for the cost of your virus removal, please contact us or call the shop at 775-829-2341. We are open 7 days a week, so we can always answer your questions!