Data Backup & Recovery

Losing data is never a choice, but when it happens you can count on The Computer Guy to recover your data. Call us and our super-knowledgeable technicians are ready to help. No automated attendant - No voicemail. Just real, live human beings who are eager to help you get your data back.

Our mission is to successfully recover your data as safely and quickly as possible, and to provide you with a stress-free experience. We offer service for small to medium-sized businesses and home users. If you've lost valuable, irreplaceable data... We can save it!

How We Can Help

Backup your data and keep it safe. Call (775) 829-2341 for more info.


If we can restore it, we do it affordably. Call (775) 829-2341 for service times.

$50.00 hr.

Unknown issues require a non-refundable $49.00 diagnostic fee paid up-front, which is credited toward the first hour of labor. Rush Labor is available at double (2x) the standard rate. Labor for Apple/Mac products, add $20.00 to the standard rate.